The bags worth investing in

Why these bags are worth your money...
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Every so often, there’s a fashion item worth investing in – whether it’s a treat to yourself or from loved ones for a special birthday, a classic bag is one of those items that will never go out of fashion and you’ll return to day after day, year after year, season after season. Here’s our collection of the designer bags worth the hard earned cash…

1 – Chanel

As Coco Chanel herself famously once said ‘the best things in life are free, the second best are very expensive’ and this couldn’t be truer than when it comes to Chanel bags. The 2.55 style is a coveted style for a reason, large enough to allow for your daily essentials yet compact enough to wear cross body. The ‘Classic Flap Bag’ style, is Karl Lagerfeld’s re-work of the 2.55, the main differences being that the chain is interlaced with leather and the lock twist is replaced with the unmistakable CC lock – both equally desirable. The wallet on a chain is equally as timeless, although a lot smaller than the classic and 2.55. It’s the most reasonable of all Chanel bags and is a good entry level item, and like the others can be used in various ways – as a clutch, cross body or shoulder bag.

Lastly, the boy bag (part of the late Lagerfeld’s 2011 launch) was a tribute to to Chanel’s first love, Boy Capel. The sturdy structure and boxy shape paired with a chunkier strap and oxidised metal hardware is arguably the most androgynous of all Chanel’s bag offerings but has still acquired a cult status. And whilst we all long for multiple colours of Chanel bags (white, nude and even pink are particularly lust worthy) for most, this will be carefully considered, once in a lifetime purchase and so we recommend sticking to black with gold hardware to ensure the timeless element as well as wearability.


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2 – Maison Goyard

Slightly less well known as a brand than the others on the list, mainly down to Goyard only stocking in their own stores around the world (read, no large department stores). This is a brand only those in the know are aware of, so we’re letting you in on our expensive secret as Goyard bags are too good not to mention. The carry everything totes, superior colour range and monogramming (free of charge) detail is what really sets this label apart. Seen on all the most stylish women, we love the fact that you can’t buy online, but instead have to visit one of their 21 stores around the world – one in London’s Mount Street. Monogramming adds a fun, personal touch and allows you to add a pop of colour which sits well with the design pattern. If you’re after the perfect every day, travel or work bag head to W1 and try to leave without splurging on a matching purse or even luggage.


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3 – Bottega Veneta

Instantly recognisable for its beautifully woven designs, Bottega Veneta is the grown up bag brand that’s hard to beat. Again, not so popular as perhaps Chanel, but equally (in our opinion) as desirable. In today’s world there’s something minimalist and effortless about owning a bag that isn’t emblazoned with the brand name or logo across it. With Bottega being an italian label the quality of leather and craftsmanship is superb – with bags starting at £895 it’s not a small investment but one you will pass down to generations as this style will never go out of fashion.


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4 – Hermes

A Hermes birkin (if you can afford it) is not only a beautiful bag but also a wise investment with studies showing they have averaged a 14% annual return over the past few decades. Arguably the most iconic and sought after design there is and for that read they aren’t easy to get hold of – in fact, only those who have purchased one before are able to buy in store, unless you buy pre-loved of course. So, if there’s one item you consider buying vintage, make it a Birkin. 


Image courtesy of @threadsstyling via Instagram