5 easy ways to update your look

The style tricks you need to know...
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Sometimes, we’re all of the opinion that to improve our personal style we need to buy. When in actual fact, often its buying less and updating what you already own through styling tricks that is sufficient. Unsure where to start? With these five easy tips of course…


1 – Do the ‘french tuck’

Feeling fed up and uninspired of your t-shirts and blouses worn with jeans? Try tucking in the front of your blouse or tee in to your jeans and letting the rest loosely hang out, add a belt and it will add a fresh twist to old favourites.


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2 – Get those old items tailored

That top that needs the sleeves altered, the jeans that need taking up and those shoes that need reheeling that are all just sat in a pile in your wardrobe? Tick it off your to-do list and get them fixed, you’ll be amazed how you can re-discover and love items that just need a little tweak in the tailors and feel like you’ve got something new for a small amount.


3 – Mix and match

Undoubtedly there’s a time and a place for playing it safe but when we wear clothes on repeat we tend to get in a rut with how we style them – always opting to pair them with the same garments we know work for speed and ease. When you have time (not when rushing for the 8am train) play around with textures, prints and colours in your wardrobe by pairing items you wouldn’t have previously considered. Rope in a friend, a sister or your daughter to help and find out what works and how you could wear items differently – trust us, you’ll be surprised.


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4 – Accessorise

Accessories have the ability to elevate, pull together and sometimes even re-create an outfit. We’re not suggesting wacky earrings or hair slides (although if this is your bag, go for it) but instead, delicately layering necklaces, wearing some small hoop earrings  or adding a silk scarf as seen below. Sometimes just by adding the right accessory you can feel as though you’ve got a whole new outfit.


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5 – Try layering

Whether its popping a plain white tee under a dress or a sleeveless blazer over your blouse, layering options are endless. This trick also works particularly well in colder months when pairing a blazer under a coat or a roll neck under a dress. Learn to layer well and not only will you get maximum wear out of your clothes but also find enjoyment from styling in various ways.


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