How to ensure a healthy relationship with fashion through Instagram

With the Instagram age we’re in and the constant bombardment of bloggers and influencers encouraging consumerism it can be easy to fall into a trap...
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Many of us can feel that we’ve lost our way with our style. We become unsure of what is “appropriate” to wear, worry about dressing too young and can then end up wearing a variation on a theme – often sticking to a few tried and tested items keeping us in our comfort zone.

The rise of Instagram and with it the role of influencers seemed initially to come at the right time, tapping into our insecurities and allowing us to follow age appropriate influencers who always seemed to “get it right” style wise.


Have we now gone too far though?  Rather than give women confidence in their own ability to choose items that look good there is a feeling that perhaps subconsciously, we are all starting to look very similar to one another through the ‘influence’ of those on Instagram.


Not only that, when we see a blogger or influencer in an item looking great, the ease in which we can ‘get the look’ means we often buy without thinking. “I think you see a blogger look great in something and quickly order it without thought of whether you need it or even like it that much. It’s so easy to get caught up.” says Freelance Stylist, Patricia Dowling, age 40. The realisation when the item arrives that we don’t look like said blogger and we are confronted with the item not suiting us can lead to a feeling of unfulfillment.


In the age of click to buy through Instagram, it can be easy to slavishly follow bloggers and influencers buying whatever they suggest but it’s important to stay true to you and your personal style. As Jewellery designer, Erica Barrett, age 51 explains: “I love Instagram but even though the focus is on how it affects millennials it can be a hard place to navigate even at my age – sometimes I think should I be wearing that just because a blogger I like is.”


Keep reading for our advice on how to navigate the world of Instagram in relation to fashion.


1 – Wearing clothes is about feeling confident and not cloning, using Instagram as a platform to inspire your wardrobe purchases but not define them. Don’t buy something just because someone on your feed makes it look good, the likelihood is that the one shot you see will have taken multiple takes, editing and a good filter.


2 – Choose wisely and if those who give you inspiration are wearing a dress that you love and think will work in your wardrobe, buy it to try of course but only if you love it, not just because they are wearing it.


3 – Trust in your own abilities in choosing the clothing that is right for you, your style is part of your identity so don’t be swayed by others/


4 – Ensure whatever you may have purchased is actually wearable, whilst it may look great on your feed – how does it actually look in real life? Is it practical? And most importantly, will you actually wear it?